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Alexis LaFlamme

Alexis LaFlamme’s artwork has been sold to private collectors and has been shown in multiple
galleries around the Pacific Northwest.

She was born in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1976 and lived in England, South Korea, Taiwan, New
Hampshire and Oregon before settling in Seattle, Washington 14 years ago. She has a Master’s
Degree in Education, and Bachelor’s degrees in both Philosophy and Literature. She has worked
in the field of social justice for many years with people of varying ages, abilities, ethnicities and
education/income levels.

Alexis creates in many different mediums. Her travels and professional experience have greatly
influenced her interest in diverse artistic styles and modes of creative expression.
Since January of 2017, Alexis has been teaching community art classes through her
business, Meditative Arts Seattle. These classes are offered in partnership with local small
business owners and community centers.

ALaFlamme Wings.jpg

Alexis LaFlamme - Philosophy:

Through the use of rich colors and ethereal shapes, my work speaks to the underlying flow connecting all things. In creating abstract art, I try to evoke emotion with color and form. I favor using my breath to move ink, and my fingers to move the paint, though I also use brushes and other utensils in my artwork.

Underlying all of my abstract creations is a sense of peace and an artistic form of meditation that I hope is shared by those who are emotionally engaged in my work. I create in many different mediums but favor acrylics and inks because of their beautifully nuanced pigmentation.

My paintings often conjure patterns found in nature--the bold arch of a flower, the smooth curve of river rocks, the burst of stars at night. I often focus on themes relating to water. These universal patterns remind me of the inter-connectedness between all of us and our surroundings, even when we feel disconnected and discouraged in the chaos of our daily lives.

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